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Re: [APD] CO2 and pH control

My main concern with lowering pH is for the plants. Maybe it's not such 
an issue? I have a house full of tanks and the africans do indeed 
thrive. Thanks for the reply.


Liz Wilhite wrote:

>Should I be happy with pH 8.2 and be looking at CO2 primarily as a nutrient
>Yep, unless you are trying to breed apistogrammas in which case you'd want
>to try something different.  Why are you trying to achieve a lower pH?  If
>it is to keep fish that really need a lower pH then I'd be thinking RO.  But
>if it is just to have a number that sounds like what you read your tank
>should have for pH then what you are doing works fine.  Alkaline and rock
>hard -- do you like African cichlids?  :-)
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