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Re: [APD] Diatom filter and Haze (CO2 loss)

Exactly, the thing works fine without a whole bunch of whodinannies on 
it.  Its a PITA when green water strikes (of course, of my bad 
dosing/keeping), but its far easier to take this thing out of the 
basement and get it primed for a 4-5 hours of extra special filtering. 
To make sure that things are going well, I leave it primed and hooked to 
the tank for a few days...that way if the green water reappears, I can 
make sure to keep it clean while figuring out whats going on.  If I need 
to get it going again, I just put a pitcher in the aquarium and put the 
in/outs to the vortex in the pitcher...then start up the vortex.  I wait 
until the water is clear in the pitcher, then release the sucker on the 
whole aquarium.  This gets it going again without getting diatom powder 
back into the aquarium...

Anyway, the tank has held clear for two days now and things are 
returning to normal.  Now I just have to adjust my dosing somehow as to 
not get the nitrates up so high, but maintain such excellently fast 
grown...but also make sure this new growth is _good_ growth :-\  I'll 
get it eventually.

I'm still wondering if cleaning this prefilter has caused this haze! 
Should I lower the top of the trickle filter so the biomedia is actually 
in the sump water?  What about the incredibly bright green growth, is 
this a result of the really high nitrates?



Bob Crosby wrote:
>>It's not too difficult with a recharge valve<
> No question of that Scott, I'm just cheap! :-)
> Thanks for the input, though.
> Bob
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