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[APD] Diatom filter and Haze (CO2 loss)

>Infamous is more like it.  I don't use it more often because of this. 
>It can be a huge hassle!  I don't know the science behind all this stuff 
>anymore, its been too long.  All I can say is after 4 hours of usage my 
>pH didn't change.  In this case the haze was just that, a haze!  This 
>wasn't a full-on green water, so the media didn't really get clogged.
>So, its just one test case.  I was just reporting my result.

Yeah, infamous, it's a royal pain to prime.  But if you ever get a good dose of green water you gotta try the Vortex.
The stuff turns grass green and when you clean it out the green gets everywhere ;)

Don't use it anymore myself as I spliced in a UV filter into my canister system plumbing.  Now if I ever get a bloom I just turn that on for three days.
Not that I get blooms much anymore since getting the UV...figures.

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