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Re: [APD] Using powerheads for a CO2 diffuser with DIY CO2

Tom and EndersMom,

I'm glad more than one person had the same idea independently of one
another.  I'm even more glad that Tom described the setup I already
have.  I'm using a 1 gallon apple juice container for the brew and the
second is a big water bottle.  I did it orginally to catch the stuff
that bubbles up right after a fresh mix, as Tom described.  The bubble
counter was a "feature" I didn't realize was helpful until I had it in

Scott H wrote not to worry as it's easier for the pump to pull in water
from the tank than the contents of the DIT bottles.  Between his
science and the precautions I've taken, I'm feeling much better about
this set up.  I'll just babysit it at first and after I re-mix the brew
and make sure nothing bad happens.  Thanks again everyone...off to buy
that pump. :)

Thank you Scott H, Tom and EndersMom (is that a reference to Ender's

Scott aka beaker

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