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Re: [APD] CO2 powerheads and DIY CO2

"my only concern with using this pump is that I'm using DIY CO2.  Is the
suction so great that it will start to suck the containers in on
themselves, crushing them and pulling the contents into the fish tank? 
Is this a real concern or am I being paranoid?

Scott aka beaker"

It is a real concern, but is mainly an issue right after you refill the brew,
if you over fill it, the froth can get sucked up, but a simple way around this: 
Use those plastic rigid juice bottles, far superior to the flimsy 2 liter coke bottles.

The other thing: never fill the brew up too high in the containers.
You can make a simple bubble counter and redundant protection for brew leaking into the tank:
Make another DIY brew bottle but with one more 3/16" hole and a piecew of rigid airline tubing 
that extends near the bottom of the container. This is where you connect the CO2 
from the brew to and simple have a short piece of rigid tubing near the top of the lid, where
the CO2 gas goes to the aquarium. Add about 2/3-3/4 water in this container.
Now you have a bubble counter and protection from over flows etc.
Most have "Brew in tank" issues from refilling the DIY that day. They over fill it
and the foam gets sucked into the tank. Suction can occur, but the simple steps can avoid that.
the brew should be allowed the settle down as it foams up like mad the first few hours, then the
yeast go anaerobic, that first few hours, they have lots of O2 and go nuts.
Once that's gone(O2), they start fermenting.

Even thermal differences can cause brew to enter the tank, hot water that rapidly cools can cause
it if you put too much water near the top of the container. Don't ask me how I know these things

Tom Barr



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