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[APD] Using Powerheads and CO2 diffusion

I had quite a few folks ask so I'll reiterate:
  The main point is to use a powerhead alone without a reactor tube.
  By using a better impeller, one with as many blades as possible, and a  small powerhead, you get effective CO2 diffusion, with minimal  equipment in the tank.
  Plain old powerheads work also, but these will work better and will  also reduce noise from each bubble hitting the impeller. Powerheads can  be placed in most tanks somewhere no one can see them. They are very  easy to turn on/off by plugging them into the pH controller, or light  timer, or their own timer. Your choice. 
  If you prefer one brand over another, go for it. We do not need huge powerheads to do the job, the smaller, the better. 
  Some might prefer this over a reactor tube or a diffuser stone.
  If you have a Rio or maxi jet, they have the kits already.
  You can use a small sweetwater stone(1.70$) in conjuction also.
  Likewise, you can add a sweetwater stone to a reactor tube.
  You can add the needle wheeled impellers to your existing powerhead or trade up.
  Perhaps in a  few months, they will also sell the needle wheel powerheads for Skimmers sperately, maybe they already do.
  Either way, folks pursuing the CO2 grail may find this is a good  method, other might use the disc and blow the mist all over, others  might be fine with reactors.
  I've done well with each of these methods and few more.
  Nutrient and light are fairly easy to address, CO2 is the the hardest  thing for most CO2 enriched plant tanks. It's also 90-95% of all the  algae related problem that folks often have(either that, or something  is too low, Mg, Fe, NO3 etc which is easy to correct by adding enough).
  DIY  folks will have the highest success rates I've found using the internal  venturi reactors. DIY folks often have the most algae related  problems(go figure, I know, 10 years of DIY). This might prove  worthwhile for them in lieu of the reactor tube.
  Also makes turning on/off a DIY CO2 source very easy(plug the powerhead into the timer).  
  I've helped folks get rid of a lot of  algae issues, I want the _last bit_ of the algae related problems that  is CO2 related. We get that, then folks will really have a very high  success rate.
    Then more folks will have fewer troubles, more will do the hobby and there will be less frustration. 
  Tom Barr

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