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Re: [APD] prices of denisonii

--- REDRAGON40 at aol_com wrote:

> I have seen the fish called denisonii  in Practical
> Fishkeeping  and TFH.  By
> the way, the guy I mentioned, Mark Denaro, has had these
> fish  for much more
> reasonable prices .  I think he offered them as low as
> $7.50.
> Carol

That would be a great price, provided you bought enough to offset the
inevitable $60-$75 shipping cost.

I read somewhere that the native populations (somewhere in India I believe)
are starting to get depleted and local collection may be regulated or
stopped, but that P. denisonii is now being raised in large number in SE

I think I saw this blurb in a magazine. I subscribe to TFH, FAMA, and AFM.
Not sure which one it was in.

BTW, nice article and Column in the latest issue of AFM, Scott!!!!


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