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Re: [APD] Plants not pearling, growing slowly

Hi James,

You didn't say what your water for water changes is like. I've just been 
through a very frustrating search for the cure to very similar behavior. My 
tapwater at our new location has 83ppm Ca and 50ppm Mg, so I turned to an 
RO unit to soften things up. While doing so I kept targeting Mg at 5ppm and 
a 3:1 ratio of Ca:Mg. After weeks and weeks of failure I went back and 
looked at the water report for my old location, where things grew well, and 
it was 15ppm for both Ca and Mg. Once I switched to that, the growth 

If this is *very* recent, you might also check that the temperature of the 
tank hasn't dipped too much because of winter. There may be ancient 
biological clocks at work that *expect* winter now. (It would be 
interesting to see if there is a correlation between the behavior and 
whether or not it's northern hemisphere plants that are behaving this way 


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