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Re: [APD] Haze

The overflow and drain will provide plenty of O2 to the
water. You shouldn't need any holes in the lid on the sump,
nor would they be liekly to yield much improvement. Even
with a Durso or Stockman oveflow, plenty of O2 will get
into the water.


--- David Terrell <Dave at terrellclan_com> wrote:

> . ..
> One thing that has bothered me (but I've talked myself
> out of) is that 
> the lid over the trickle (on the 5g bucket) has no holes
> in it.  I was 
> thinking it doesn't let in enough air for the bacteria. 
> BUT, there is 
> plenty of air (I think?) that comes down the trickle
> line, the lid and 
> hose that goes into it, are not exactly sealed anyway...
> . . .

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