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Re: [APD] Light and Feeding

James H wrote:
> I work for a company that makes fish farm equipment, automated feeding
> systems and underwater lighting and cameras,
> my boss just asked me if running lights 24/7 is harmfull for fish, currently
> most salmon farms run lights all night long and sunlight durning the day,
> we are looking for any documentation specificaly scientific reports that
> show if there is any harm in adding more lights and feeding the fish all
> night long, or if this would benifit the farms
> does anyone know where i can find this information?
> im going to check with local university marine biology groups and see if
> they have ever done the research.
> James

and this has exactly what relevant to planted aquariums? ;-)

Surely any such highly commercial and lucrative research would be 
commissioned by a company like yourself and will be hardly be available for 
another competitor.

Nevertheless, you did try Google's Scholar section of course?


Stuart Halliday
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