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[APD] Plants not pearling, growing slowly

I have a 77 gallon tank that has plants that are just kinda growing, well,
slowly. If I replant a 4" spadeleaf, it takes 6-8 weeks for it to reach the
surface again. Tropic sunset hygro has small shriveled leaves, and also
grows slow as can be.
Swords put out really nice leaves for about 1 week, then the leaves
disintegrate leaving just the veins.

Tank Stats:
Size - 77 gallon (48x18x22)
Lighting - 240 watts NO (2 bulbs are new (<2 months) the rest are about 2
pH - 6.6
KH - 5 DKH
GH - 12 degrees
NO3 - 5ppm

Ferts added:
CTEM - 30mls Mon, wed, fri
KNO3 - 1/4 tsp Mon
Epsom salt - 4tsp Mon
KH2PO4 - 1/8 tsp Mon
K2SO4 - 2 tsp Mon

The tanks gets weekly 50% water changes. No real algae growth to speak of,
just a smidgen of green spot on onion leaves.

Any ideas on what's missing?


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