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[APD] Use KCl or NaCl for home water softener?

Unfortunately I am burdened with a home water softener from which I 
cannot escape so I am trying to find the best ways to live with the 
water it gives me.

Currently the "softened" water has a KH of 19 - 20 degrees, and a GH of 
about 4 degrees.

I am using NaCl in my home water softener but read that I could also use 
KCl since excess sodium is/can be bad for planted aquaria.  On the other 
hand I read that some people think excess K can inhibit Ca uptake.

I've been keeping SA cichlids in this tank (a. cacatuoides and m. 
altispinosa) for about six months and they are vigorous and healthy so, 
maybe my water is fine and will be fine for plants too.

Barry Anderberg
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