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Re: [APD] Excess nutrients


         Try a little more light and see what happens.


> >
> > I am thinking of a healthy but lightly planted tank with low nutrient
> > levels
> > (say, 5 ppm of NO3 and .5 ppm of PO4) and no algae.  If the nutrients were
> > suddenly increased to, say, 50 ppm and 5 ppm and maintained at that level,
> > do you think an algae outbreak would occur?
>In my experience the aswer is no.  I haven't done controlled experiements
>and don't intend to, but I've had NO3 at 40ppm and PO4 at 5ppm and had no
>algae at all.  Those spikes came from a dramatic change in the tap water
>that occured in late spring/early summer.  THe only time I've had issues is
>with those lower levels of nutrients.  I think the reason for that is that
>it is too easy for them to slip to near 0 ppm inhibiting plant growth.

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