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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 28, Issue 7


May I have your input in these hypothetical scenarios.  Assuming a
high light tank with adequate CO2 supplementation, which tank(s) will
algae occur?

TANK 1: High in nutrients and detectable NH4.
TANK 2: High in nutrients and undetectable NH4.

Once algae is in its active reproductive stage, which tank will algae
growth be the fastest?

TANK 1: High in nutrients.
TANK 2: Low in nutrients.


>We can easily rule [NO3] out by doing isolated experiements to figure
out what is really causing the algae, like poor CO2.

Assuming poor CO2 is also a cause for algae, does it cause algae
directly or does it do so by facilitating the accumulation of NH4?
Which of the following tank(s) will produce algae?

TANK 1: High light, high CO2, and detectable NH4.
TANK 2: High light, low CO2, and detectable NH4.
TANK 3: High light, low CO2, and undetectable NH4.

"The problem is choice."

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