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Re: [APD] Ammonia and Nitrates

Plants do grow better when given sufficient fertilizer.

The question I asked months ago still remains:  why don't we see algae in
tanks with plants with excess levels of fertilizers.  If we set up a tank
and fertilize it with NO3, K, PO4, CO2, Fe and trace minerals, light it at
2.5 WPG for 12 hours a day, and don't put plants in we are probably going to
see results that look a lot like Bill's.  Algae should grow quite well.  The
plants seem to be key.

I know we've been told that allelopathy isn't at play but if the plants
themselves are not putting out chemicals that are suppressing algae, then
how can we account for the fact that the aquarium with plants doesn't grow
algae at the rate of the tank without plants with the same level of

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