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[APD] 55w PC over a 30 XH

Hello all,

I want to set up a new no-CO2 low light setup using Tom Barrs method and I 
have a 24" stand that really needs a tank.  I was originally thinking of a 
20 or 25 gallon with some otocinclus, c. japonica, and I. werneri. Plants 
would be mostly crypts (sprialis and some shorter ones) and anubias and some 
floating water sprite. But then I started thinking...

I have a 55 watt PC retrofited to a 24" striplight from a high tech setup of 
a few years ago  (aka my old algae factory) . What if I got a 30 extra high 
(24x12x24) from AGA or Perfecto. I kind of like the look of the tank, 
especially since I have a small and narrow room with a vaulted ceiling, so a 
tall narrow tank would be fitting.

I have the feeling that 1.8 watts/gallon of compact fluorscent will be too 
much for a low tech setup like this, but it also is a deep tank so maybe the 
PC would be appropriate. I'd like to get an opinion here, please.

Will this be just too much light? Will I be better off getting a 20 or 25 
watt and sticking to NO T12 or T8 bulbs?


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