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Re: [APD] tannins

Ack! too much leonardite!
  A dusting on the bottom, maybe 1/8" is all you needed. 
  Like the peat, not much.
  You can rinse the Leonardite prior also.
  I'd use 3" for that 1/2 inch but some tannins will still come out.
  Adding activated carbon to the filter will remove that color for the first month(as well as any NH4).
  I suppose you could soak the leonardite in a Hoagland's solution or  delete the NH4 part and add more KNO3.Then it would be very much like  ADA Powersand as well as match the other substrate like ADA aqua soil  and the Soil master pro league. That would not be hard to do. 
  Tom Barr

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