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Re: [APD] algae and NO3

I do not recall saying that Scott.
  I speculated that high NO3 might cause algae a very long time ago, we  did not know at the time, but you will be hard pressed to show that  I've ever said high NO3 cause algae in any post. Go look.
  I went to 75ppm a number of years ago, maybe 1998 or so when I said it  was not so. I only did one test then. Today I have extended so far that  the shrimp start dying off before I got any algae. I've also been  adding more NO3 and over dosing often for other reasons. So the  confidence levels are much higher now. 
  Same with high PO4 levels etc.
  So you can kill your fish/shrimp before any algae will appear with NO3.
  Multiple variations, say poor CO2, + high NO3/PO4/Fe, K, etc, who knows  what the person is looking at and claiming a  correlation/causation..........may cause algae.
  But not if the NO3 is the only isolated variable in a planted tank.
  That also extends to non CO2 tanks.
  Tom Barr

I remember reading Tom Barr talking about nitrates spurring
algae growth. Your position has changed again, that's fine.
Mine hasn't. Mine is that it's a good guideline to aim for
about 10 ppm and then fine tune from there by watching the
plants, watching the tank.


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