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Re: [APD] Nutrients and Algae

Brian said,

"I read your post on the BarrReport in which you described your
experiment.  I'm still baffled as to why you concluded that excessive
nitrates cause algae when the jar dosed with NO3 also had 15x the amount of
PO4 relative to the non-dosed jar."

Brian is right.   But the PO4 level, at 1.5 ppm, was within normal limits,
while the NO3 level of 60 ppm, was not.   Next time, when it gets warmer,
I'll test each separately.

But the point is that excessive nitrates (and phosphates) did substantially
increase the amount of algae that grew in that jar compared to the one that
had neither..

Since Brian raised the point, the thread can be viewed at
Ignore the Red Sox comment.  Wait 'til next year.


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