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Re: [APD] woes with walsted type tank

On 12/2/05, Robert T. Ricketts, Jr. <rtricketts at verizon_net> wrote:
> Robert H wrote, in part: "Using Excel is not injecting C02. Excel is not
> C02.   If that is what you
> are still doing, then you are still  running a tank that is not C02
> injected."
> Isn't that simply a tautology?  If you are not injecting CO2, then
> certainly
> you are not injecting CO2.
> If the effort was to say that Excel is worthless as an alternate carbon
> source, that would be false.  I don't believe that anyone here believes
> Excel is "injecting CO2", and Seachem certainly does not stake that claim.

While this list had the oneupsmanship contest running I took a hiatus and
read a lot of aquatic plant boards.  One person somewhere thought using
Excel was the same thing as CO2 injection. This was followed by a spate of
people stating that Excel is not CO2. I've hardly *ever* posted anything
here so its logical to assume that I don't know the difference between CO2
and Excel.  I'm still working on that posterior and hole difference.  :-)

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