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[APD] what does carbon and phos zorb filter out?

I was having a bit of an algae problem in a 75 with 220W of T5HO & C02
lighting and one of the things I did was to build a small two stage
filter that includes phos zorb (Kent Marine) and some activated carbon
that water change water is filtered through.   I began to believe that
the surface reservoirs that our tap water comes from might have high
phosphates this time of year.  The incoming water is something like pH
6.3 from the tap but moves up to around 7.6+ when allowed to sit

My tank is topped off with a peristaltic dosing pump that adds about 5
gallons of water a day. The filter is a single pass in line filter so
that water being added to the tank it slowly drawn through the carbon
and phos zorb before it it pumped into the tank.

So what, if anything, is being stripped away?

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