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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 28, Issue 2

>It's not the NO3, it's the NH4 that causes the algae. Add some
sometime and see for your self.

Are you saying that all algae that we see in the hobby are caused by
an NH4 spike?  How big of a spike is needed to induce a bloom?  Does
the type of algae bloom depend on how big/small the NH4 spike was at
the time of aggravation?  Or does all species get activated; but then
some go into remission while others continue to proliferate depending
on other environmental cues?

More importantly, is it a logical conclusion to say that if we prevent
NH4 from reaching catalytic proportions, then we wouldn't see any
algae?  If so, then does a daily preventive dose of a dechloriaminator
(i.e. Seachem's Prime, NovaAqua's Amquel+) be the answer to our algae

Buck fifty.

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