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Re: [APD] woes with walsted type tank

With soil underlayment, the presence of aerobic activity is
supposed to produce CO2. With a surplus of nitrates
present, enough that they get into the dirt, you could get
some converted back to nitrites by aerbic bactdirial

But what's a surplus? Depends on how fast your plants feed
and what you add to the aquarium. Even Diana adds ferts for
her hungry plants such as swords, as she reported at the
AGA convention in 2004.

--- Liz Wilhite <satirica at gmail_com> wrote:

> On 12/1/05, John J Drab <jjdrab at raytheon_com> wrote:
> >
> > Walstad states in her book that adding nitrate to a
> 'natural' aquarium
> > would result in anerobic bacteria converting it back
> into nitrite and NH4.
> > Is this what is happening?
> Couldn't say but I have my doubts.  I thought that was
> shaky when I read the
> book.
> > if this is what is happening, why does this not happen
> in my co2 injected
> > high light cube with 6" of sand as substrate ?
> Because there aren't a bunch of dead plant roots in it?
> Your point is well
> taken -- it should happen here if anywhere.
> My experience with a "natural" tank was mixed. 
> Ultimately I got rid of all
> the substrate, put in a sand bottom, replanted, used
> Excel and dosed
> nutrients.  It's a lovely little slow growth tank now
> with an amazon sword,
> rotala rotundiflora, micro chain sword and some hygro
> with a handful of
> Hengeli rasboras enjoying it.
> I can also say that I will never again set up a tank that
> is not CO2
> injected.  It's just easier that way, at least to me.  I
> know other people
> have other thoughts, but those are mine.
> Liz
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