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Re: [APD] woes with walsted type tank

On 12/1/05, John J Drab <jjdrab at raytheon_com> wrote:

> Walstad states in her book that adding nitrate to a 'natural' aquarium
> would result in anerobic bacteria converting it back into nitrite and NH4.
> Is this what is happening?

Couldn't say but I have my doubts.  I thought that was shaky when I read the

> if this is what is happening, why does this not happen in my co2 injected
> high light cube with 6" of sand as substrate ?

Because there aren't a bunch of dead plant roots in it? Your point is well
taken -- it should happen here if anywhere.

My experience with a "natural" tank was mixed.  Ultimately I got rid of all
the substrate, put in a sand bottom, replanted, used Excel and dosed
nutrients.  It's a lovely little slow growth tank now with an amazon sword,
rotala rotundiflora, micro chain sword and some hygro with a handful of
Hengeli rasboras enjoying it.

I can also say that I will never again set up a tank that is not CO2
injected.  It's just easier that way, at least to me.  I know other people
have other thoughts, but those are mine.

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