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Re: [APD] Senator Craig

> I didn't mean to imply that any and all political discussion has a place 

> here, but when it is related to the keeping of aquarium plants I think 
> it does. That's all.
> -- 
> Jerry Baker

Well, certainly the merits (or not) of funding a government program to 
count salmon in a river is so very strongly "related to the keeping of 
aquarium plants", isn't it....  Heck, just look at the subject of the 
thread: "Re: [APD] Senator Craig"; so tell me, is a "Senator Craig" a new species of aquatic plant?  No? 
Oh, I know, all the people in this Craig guy's district are planted tank 
people and he's taken away their Flourish -- but he's got them under a 
spell so they keep voting him in every time.  No?

Anyway, have you ever thought that maybe there are a lot of planted tank 
people in his district that like to run their tanks at 5wpg and hate the 
taste of salmon, so they vote more for the cheap power than the fish? 
Ain't democracy a bitch!  Seems to me some people want to turn this list 
into a Socialist/Atheist elitist political club where any and all leftist 
political rants are warmly received as long as the word "water" appears in 
them at least once.  I give up on this list, the s/n ratio has just gotten 
too high.  At least I learned a few useless things from the 'color of 
water in a white bucket' thing.

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