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[APD] Cation Exchange Capacity

Why do we care if the substrate has a high CEC or not?

>From what I have just read on Google, I can see why it is important
for non-aquatic plants: the CEC holds onto certain key nutrients so
that the roots can get to them before they are leeched from the soil
by water.  Furthermore, this article I am reading says that all the
nutrients MUST be dissolved in water FIRST before the plants can use

Ok, that last point seems important to me because it applies directly
to our aquatic plants.  Since our aquariums are bathed in water all
the time, why do we even need CEC?  All the nutrients are floating
around just waiting to be eaten by the plants anyway.  Do I make
sense? :D

Anyway, I am wondering then why is there all the hoopla over CEC and
all that?  What does having CEC in the substrate serve?

Curiously clueless,

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