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[APD] Aquatic plant lobbyists

What about aquatic plant lobbyists? 
  What about preserving the wetlands where our beloved plants come from?
  Saving what little wetland is left is an APD on topic Plant related  issue of the upmost importance. Many plants will go extinct in the wild  in the coming decades. Same for fish, frogs, birds, etc.......The long  term gains in preservation far out weigh the short term gain.
  >This is exactly the kind of rubbish that skrews up all the lists i'm on,as well as >the country, where is the moderation.
   There is no moderation here (except for a list mom who rarely  needs to slap folks), it's sort of a democratic populist anarchy, the  best form of government.
   We get trolls, flamers, spammers, lawsuits here on the APD and  all the beauty that is anarchy, but it works in the end. Karma does  have its justice. I have an agenda, it's aquatic plants. 
  Tom Barr

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