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[APD] fish, politics

I eventually had to sign off from a motorcyclists list serve because
the people could not refrain from talking politics.  Without taking
any sides in this let me say that I am disgusted enough with what's
happening that I don't need any of it here.  Unless it's specifically
aquarium related please take it off the list. The comparative merits
of the Washington Post and Fox News are immaterial here.

I'm more of a lurker than a poster and I might not carry much weight
here but it won't take much of this to get me to sign off this list
and maybe that's true for more than just me. Then the regulars can
just argue about PMDD and how big their bubbles are.

I've been on and off this list for nearly 10 years now.  Normally it's
the absurd flaming and baiting that drive me off but add politics to
it and I'm gone for good.

In Northampton where it's dark outside.

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