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Re: [APD] Fish-Related Story

and I'm sure that the washington post, given its reputation of being
unbiased and fair (snicker snicker),  has included all relevant facts to
base an opinion on this matter.

Every sentence in that article was slanted and aimed to make the congressman
look like a jerk.

"In a surgical strike"  sure, that is an unbiased way to start an article.

Is the congressman a jerk??  He might be.  He might be completely in the
wrong. I value our environment and natural resources as much as anyone, but
I am also a scientist and am often critical of whether or not research is
tainted (especially when it relies heavily on statistics).  The article was
clearly written with a strong bias and omitted key information required to
base a valid opinion on the subject.

I don't want to argue about whether discontinuing funding the organization
was right or not... I just hate journalism.


On 11/30/05, Bob Crosby <rtcrosby at charter_net> wrote:
> Let's see, how fast can we destroy the environment in the name of big
> business? Not to rile up a political slugfest, but there's an old saying
> about not s%$*ing where you live, that might bear some consideration
> here....
> Bob
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