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Re: [APD] water change issues

turner wrote:
> I have recently been having problems with water changes. The fish,after
> about 20% change and using tap water treated with seachem clorine/ammonia
> treatment hang near the surface for a day or two sucking for air. After a
> few days, its back to normal. But, a few fish have died. Do I need to
> increase the dosage of water treatment. Must use tap water. Please advise.
> Blair

Is it ChlorGuard by any chance?

Because this product doesn't remove Chloramine from tap water.
Perhaps you have that added to the tap water recently?

SeaChems ChlorGuard doesn't neutralise Chloramine so if you've got this and 
then you add tap water with Chloramine in it then you're more or less 
killing your fish!

Get hold of SeaChem's Prime.

Prime removes chlorine, chloramine and ammonia. It will also detoxify any 
heavy metals found in the tap water at typical concentration levels.

SeaChem's Prime product is damn good, I use it myself.

3 months ago my water supplier decided to add Chloramine to my area's tap 
water. Did they tell us? Damn no.

Within weeks, news of dozens of goldfish dying hit the local newspapers. :-(

I only heard about the water change due to these deaths!

Good job I had bought Prime!

God, that sounds like an advert!

Stuart Halliday
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