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Re: [APD] R/O Biofilms

Rob Smith wrote:
> If the faucets you are referring to are the common type found on water
> coolers then I think you can just unscrew them and put on a new one with
> teflon tape.  They look pretty cheap but I'm not sure.  If it's a metal
> faucet head like mine, I suspect it is impossible to prevent the buildup of
> film on the air-exposed parts of the pipe.
> My advice is, drink up!

I was able to remove it for the time being by filling a 60mL syringe 
with hot water and injecting it into the faucet. I had disconnected the 
faucet line and then used the syringe's plunger to rapidly cycle the 
water back and forth. It seems to have worked for the time being, but 
I'll probably have to do it frequently to avoid the buildup.

Thanks for the reply.

Jerry Baker
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