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Re: [APD] Cooling fans for hoods

I it is incorrect that more energy is given off as heat by
the ballast than by the tubes. I've had set ups where the
surface temp of the ballast is lower than that of the bulbs
even though the bulbs have much more surface area. The
inverter circuit and ballast coil in an electronic ballast
are relatively efficient compared to the bulb. So, I'm
pretty sure that the energy loss on the ballast can be less
than the lights and at least usually is -- it clearly
varies with diff ballasts and with which tubes are matched
with them. Fluorescent bulbs need a certain amount of heat
to be able to work. Get a tube really cold and watch how
long it can take for it to brighten up.

Anyway, mounting a ballast externally does help avoid some
of the heat under the hood.

--- James H <spreerider at gmail_com> wrote:

> for cooling flourscent lamps almost all of the heat is
> generated in the
> ballast not the tube, so what you really need to cool is
> the ballast and
> that should lower the ambient temperature around the
> lights,
> computer fans use very little electricity generaly they
> are only about half
> a watt when they are up to speed.

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