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Re: [APD] Odnos (2)

I took him to mean that three wasn't a separate gound wire
at the box, not that there was only power feed coming in
but not also going out of the box. Older buildings
stillhave two wire circuits, but newere ones have either a
ground wire or have steal conduit (BX cable) that serves as
the ground. I belive most places these days allow the use
of "romex" three wire cable and plastic electrcal junction
boxes rather than require Bx. NY city is a well known
example where the code still calls for BX.

Re the circuit Jerry worked with, if there was only a power
feed coming into the box and none going back out of the
box, then the only way a GFCI would shut down the circuit
(which would mean shutting down the things *upstream* of
that box) would be if it tripped the circuit breaker (or
melted a fuse) due to miswiring -- The testing short on a
GFCI is loaded with a resistor and the small amount of
current that flows with a GFCI test won't trip a circuit
breaker on healthy circuit that is not already overloaded.
He didn't mention resetting breakers or repalcing fuses,
so, I assumed he meant no separate ground wire rather than
no feed going down line.


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> Sorry to keep this GFCI thread going, but I'm still a bit
> puzzled. He stated 
> he had 2 wires coming out of the box which is basically a
> dead end circuit. 
> So how does a GFCI connected here then kill receptacles
> that are upstream 
> from it?

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