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[APD] Disc vs Sweetwater fine pore diffusers (which are cheaper!)

I recently tested some fine pore Sweetwater diffusers for CO2 dosing.
  These produced better consistency in terms of bubble size and smaller  bubbles than the Azoo/Ehiem and other disc type of diffusers(both were  new for the comparison, time will see how both behave, but the  consistecy is better at this point). They also have more gas volume per  unit than disc do as well and there is little to no back pressure.
  One idea was to place on the smaller air stones inside the return line  coming into the tank from a canister filter. This is very simple  and  they are about 1/2" square on a side at the smallest.
  I've used the Rena air stones in the past, they are decent but these  seem to produce better bubbles size consistency. They 1.70$ for the  smaller ones and the larger up to 4.23$ from www.aquaticeco.
  The small ones are all we need in most cases.
  Plus Aqeco has dang near everything.
  The small one is as good if not better than the best Azoo disc.
  The goal is to reduce backpressure and maintain flow, venturi valves  like Kent's 1/2" model constrict flow too much(flow rates of  180-1800gph). By making a larger(say 2-3") tube section to place a mist  stones or a powerhead driven venturi, the mist can be added.
  You can make your own venturi inlet fairly easily also. Take a smaller  input line(say1/2") and connecting it to larger out line(say 3/4") and  adding the gas inlet right after where the different sizes meet will  mimic a venturi(there is a pressure differential between the different  tubing sizes and that is what causes the venturi) Simply using a piece  if rigid air line tubing and melt the tip some  to reduce the  orifice size and adjust into place.
  I've does this with air in the past, but not CO2, but should work the same.
  It is also simpler than the atomizer idea with the 2-3" tubing etc. 
  I have hooked up the Ultra fine mist duiffusers from Aquatic Eco and  these are very very well built and far superior to anything I've ever  seen as far as a disc(ADA, any brand you can think of or can find).  You'll never wear these out or break them. The space for producing the  mist is much larger than any disc sold today and and the pores are much  finer(hence the nmeed for backpressure.. 
  This produces very small and very consistent.100-500micron bubble size.
  The largest bubbles from these are the smallest from a disc. 
  At 55$, these are serious misting units. I use Tygon tubing since the  backpressure is higher(25psi). To clean them, bleach can be used, but  most just take them out and give the stone a light sanding, back it  goes.
 If you have a 100+ gal tank(up to a 500gal tank or so)  and a good source of current, these will supply the mist very well.  Better than any other stone/disc. Cost less than an AM 1000 reactor  also. Or go with 2-3 of the sweetwater diffuser stones.
 I  cannot say how impressed I am at the quality and ablilty of these ultra  fine bubble plates as well as the Sweetwater diffuser stones. Better  than the Azoo and the other disc I've tried out.
 The Sweetwater  stones are about the same cost as limewood, but appear to produce  better bubble sizing. We will see how well they hold up over time. So  far though, they seem easier to use, less backpressure, 10X or more  cheaper.
  They are only 1.70$ea after all.
  Tom Barr

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