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Re: [APD] Cooling fans for hoods...

Thank you for the comments folks.

I think for thermostatic control of a fan, I'm going to try this...


hooked up to a 120mm one of these...


with the possibility of connecting second fan at a later date if things are
still too hot.

Now, am I better off having the fan(s) oriented to suck warm air out of the
hood, or blowing cooler air into the hood ?

and that just leaves the woodwork :-o

- Rory

on 22/11/05 12:18 PM, Stuart Halliday at stuart at stuarthalliday_com wrote:

> Rory O'Brien wrote:
>> I'm in the planning stages of constructing a hood to house my 3 x 55W CF
>> lamps (AH Supply) and I'd like to incorporate some cooling fans to dissipate
>> some of the heat generated by the lamps and ballasts. I'm thinking maybe two
>> 12cm 9V PC case-fans powered from a transformer, possibly connected to an
>> electronic thermostat to control when they're on and off? The fans I can get
>> locally easily enough but has anyone tried to thermostatically control such
>> fans that might care to recommend a particular product ? (which would have
>> to be available through online mail-ordering, such as McMaster-Carr).
> I think you'll find they are 12V.
> Though you can run them off 5V or 7V for extra low noise.
> There are lots of different types. Make sure you get the ball bearing type
> NOT sleeve bearing as they don't last.
> You will have to perform regular maintenance, basically blowing air from a
> aircan over the blades to stop dust build up.
> Take a look at some of the quiet PC mod web sites like:
> http://www.quietpc.com/uk/casefansacc.php#fanmate
> or
> http://www.quietpc.com/uk/casefans.php
> for an idea of what's on offer.
> Some Silenx Fans for example come with a temperature sensor built-in.
> http://www.silenx.com/productcart/pc/viewCat_Z.asp?idCategory=3
> Some are rated as loud as 8db!
> Reviewed: http://gruntville.com/reviews/fans/silenex/page3.php
> Widely available.

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