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[APD] electricians on the list

James H  wrote

are there any electricians on this list, im a 2nd year apprentice, just
wondering how many of us are in the hobby?

Hi James,

I've been in the trade since 1983 and have had an office job as a PM in Southern California for the last 10 years.  Just as long as I've had fish tanks.

Got into planted tanks about 5 years ago.  I've had a couple 55 gallon and 20 gallon tanks with DIY CO2 until last year and made the jump to pressurized CO2.  Now I wouldn't go back to the DIY method for anything!  I got rid of my 55 gallon tanks an just put together a 125 gallon tank.

I'm now what you would call an aquatic plant junkie and I love it. : ) 

Any more electricians with planted tanks out there?

Nick W.
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