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Re: [APD] Cooling fans for hoods...

Rory O'Brien wrote:
> I'm in the planning stages of constructing a hood to house my 3 x 55W CF
> lamps (AH Supply) and I'd like to incorporate some cooling fans to dissipate
> some of the heat generated by the lamps and ballasts. I'm thinking maybe two
> 12cm 9V PC case-fans powered from a transformer, possibly connected to an
> electronic thermostat to control when they're on and off? The fans I can get
> locally easily enough but has anyone tried to thermostatically control such
> fans that might care to recommend a particular product ? (which would have
> to be available through online mail-ordering, such as McMaster-Carr).

I think you'll find they are 12V.
Though you can run them off 5V or 7V for extra low noise.

There are lots of different types. Make sure you get the ball bearing type 
NOT sleeve bearing as they don't last.

You will have to perform regular maintenance, basically blowing air from a 
aircan over the blades to stop dust build up.

Take a look at some of the quiet PC mod web sites like:


for an idea of what's on offer.

Some Silenx Fans for example come with a temperature sensor built-in.


Some are rated as loud as 8db!

Reviewed: http://gruntville.com/reviews/fans/silenex/page3.php

Widely available.

Stuart Halliday
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