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Re: [APD] Odnos (2)

Vaughn Hopkins wrote:
> Look at the GFCI as a relay-type device.  When it is wired as yours is, 
> the wires that appear to be just parallel wires to the next socket are 
> really "downstream" of the relay.  So, when that relay trips, it opens 
> the circuit for the GFCI outlets as well as the circuit leading to the 
> next socket in the parallel string.  It really isn't just an isolated 
> device in parallel with other sockets.

Can you tell I'm not an electrician yet? ;)

If there are other devices downstream, doesn't that mean the circuit is 
not parallel? That's always been my understanding of the definitions of 
series and parallel circuits. Namely that a parallel circuit has more 
than one pathway so that cutting the power at one node doesn't cut the 
power at the other nodes.

Jerry Baker
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