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Re: [APD] Odnos (2)

S. Hieber wrote:
> The sensor detects any diff in the amount of current
> flowing in the Hot and Neutral wires. Electrically
> downstream from the sensor are the sockets that are
> integral to the GFCI. If the device controls other devices
> on the power circuit, then the power supply wires leaving
> the GFCI are also downstream from the sensor. If the GFCI
> controls only the sockets integral to it and and no others
> on the circuit, then the power supplys lines from the the
> GFCI are electrically upstream of the sensor(and some GFCIs
> have terminals that allow them to be connected this way).
> Despite the relationship of the sensor to the power supply
> circuit, all the sockets are in parallel and get the same
> 110-120 V across Hot and Neutral.

So you mean the whole circuit could be parallel, but the "sub-circuit" 
might have been in series? If so, same difference to me. I just thought 
it was strange that breaking the circuit in one socket would cut off 
power to other sockets on the other side of the room. I have never seen 
that before or after. Keep in mind that, by "socket", I mean the whole 
receptacle - the box located at that particular place on the wall. There 
were no other sockets with a GFCI, and AFAIK, nothing else in the 
apartment was on that particular circuit.

If that isn't what you meant, I am having a terrible time visualizing 
how a device in a parallel circuit can cut power to other devices 
located somewhere else on that circuit. Can you please make an 
illustration so I can visualize it? Thanks.

Jerry Baker
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