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Re: [APD] Odnos (2)

S. Hieber wrote:
> Ah, that's slightly diff. The test button just temporarily
> creates a fault; it shorts across Hot and Neutral, with one
> one side of the short passing through the sensor, thus
> registering an imbalance between HOt and Neutral. Like I
> said, you can hook up most GFCI sockets so that they
> control only the pair on the device *or* also the rest of
> the devices downstream.

That may well be. I'm not an electrician. I just had two wires in the 
box, and two places on the GFCI to hook it up.

I can't understand how a device wired in parallel can turn other devices 
on the circuit off? How does that happen? My understanding is like this:

----------/ ------------
In series, the device is the "gatekeeper" and when it shuts off the flow 
(the slash), everything past it is shut off.

    |   |
    |   /
In parallel, the device can shut off, but it has no effect on the rest 
of the devices downstream (how could it?).

Jerry Baker
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