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Re: [APD] Sand in CA

Generally most plain sands are lapis lustar, see archives, it's been in use for planted tanks for 20+ years in CA.
  Any cement vendor, landscape place, sandblasting place should carry 100lb bags for 3-8$. 30grit, 2-3mm. Very common.
  Lensco sells the Pro League Soilmaster, which is better than sand and  runs about 12-18$ for about the same volume(but about 1/2 the weight).
  The grey/black pro league looks much nicer IME.
  For all practical purposes, it's equivalent to Eco Complete  aesthetically without the high cost, but you need to rinse the SM, but  for a cost savings of well over (EC, you pay for the water they add,  not just product which weighs much less without the water) of about 5x  less.
  EC and SM have approximately the same density, both are relatively light in weight.
  Tom Barr

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