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Re: [APD] Substrate in Southern California

Paul M. Wallace wrote:
> I am not exactly sure how sand can be "organic" but I have used something
> similar before.  The tests are A) no shell and B) put some in a glass jar
> and shake like mad and measure water chemistry compared to a jar of water
> without sand.  This will tell you if the KH or GH is buffered.  Why don't
> you want to buy from the place you saw it?  Is the markup unfair or the # of
> bags too low?

It's $2 for a one-quart bag. They had two bags. I need about 80. I don't 
know if I'm willing to pay nearly $1 per pound of sand.  Paying those 
prices would cost more than the same volume of Flourite. I'll see what 
the distributor says.

Jerry Baker
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