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You shouldn't see flicker with an electronic ballast. The
frequency is usually somewhere between 25kHz and 80kHz --
must too fast for human vision to perceive. Even the 120 Hz
of a magnetic ballast is too fast too fast (or it would be
pointless to go to try and watch the movies).

So the flicker is soemthing in the ballast. If it was
something in the bulbs, they'd probably be dead by now.

I don't know what ballast you are using or what their color
coding scheme is or what bulbs are being wired in or how.
But it sounds like a protection circuit might be trying to
kick in.

Normally, you'd use a manufacturer's wiring diagram for
higher watt lights than the ones actually being used.

--- "Joshua L. Wiegert" <JLW at dune_net> wrote:

> I just tried rewiring a shop light for Overdriven
> Lights....  And they
>     light, and are bright, but ... it also flickers
> something fierce.  Is 
> this
>     normal, or have I obviously done something wrong? : )
>     On one end, I have two reds, a blue and a yellow.  I
> combined the blue 
> and
>     the yellow, and combined the two reds.  On the other
> end, I have a blue,
>     yellow, and white.  I combined the blue and yellow,
> and left the white
>     single.
>     The light will look just fine for a few minutes,
> then... flick flick 
> flick.
>     I really don't want to grow plants strobe style. :)

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