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Re: [APD] A Piece of Schadenfreude for You (You Thought it Was Bad Before)

Jerry Baker wrote:

> Anyway, I thought that if someone could get some twisted joy out of this 
> whole thing that I shouldn't deny them that. :)

An interesting tale. Thanks for sharing it.

I kind of glad in a sort of perverse kind of way in hearing your tale of 
woe. There are times in my life (too many times!) when I order things from 
shops and online when I keep coming across incompetence and I too think, is 
it me? Why is it always me!

I can't seem these days to get things delivered without something being 
missing, the wrong part, or just plain cocked up in some way by the supplier!

I could tell you a tale of the 6mm tubing fiasco... :-)

Stuart Halliday
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