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Re: [APD] A Piece of Schadenfreude for You

Jerry Wrote:
This project has
literally been stymied and hampered every single step of the way. I
don't know what is going on. I ask myself daily what I might be doing

Doesn't sound to me like you have done anything wrong.

I don't think I did anything wrong, or neglected anything, by ordering a
standard stand and canopy for a standard 125-gallon tank.

This sounds like a retailer not wanting to take responsiblility for their

I made sure to ask if the
combination would be OK and both Icecap and the retailer assured me that
it was. I have never experienced anything like this in my life.

On more than one occaision when I have had issues with equipment (aquarium
related and not), the retailer states "this is the first time I have EVER
seen this happen." I have had many "first time in recorded history" problems
with things I have bought. I think they tell this to ANYONE with a product

A friend of mine who posts on this list has an Icecap 250 watt MH Ballast
and an Iwasaki 250 Watt 6500K bulb and she has had a couple issues that
Icecap promptly took care of.  If I remember correctly, one of the more
memorable events was when the replaceable fuse on the ballast somehow blew
and fused to the case, promptiong her to have to send the entire ballast
back to Icecap for repair.  I hope their customer service was as good for

The Icecap/Iwasaki combo has been fantastic for her plants. She grows
absolutely the biggest plants I have ever seen, and our numerous discussions
on the topic have left the light as the only main difference between our
planted tanks. Her plants grow like they are no steroids, no joke.

This friend has had the worst luck at times. The statement "if anything can
go wrong with the equipment I have for my planted tank, it will" really
applies to her.

Muddle through all the irritating little (and not so little!) inconveniences
and just see the beautiful planted tank after you finally get it all set up.


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