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Re: [APD] Christmas Moss-I preferTaiwan Moss

Hi everyone,
I had Christmass Moss for a good long while, but the main negative
characteristic of it IMO was that it never attached to wood and I had to
regularly remove it and tie it down again. You can prune with scissors and
extend the time between having to remove the wood, but it was a PIA all the
same. The parts you tie down eventually rot and it gets loose from the wood.

I chucked my Christmas Moss over a year and have been growing Taiwan Moss.
It has a lighter green color and a more delicate frond shape than Christmass
Moss, but the best feature, IMO, is that it attaches to wood.  To prune it
you just reach in and tear off chunks and there is always some attached to
the wood and it grows back. No more wood removal. I have it at about 3 wpg
with CO2 injection. It grows well under compact flourescent or halide
lighting. It is prospering in a 30 cube as well as a 120 gallon planted

I have a lot of this and if anyone wants to try it you can email me at
grim1214 at bellsouth_net. How about $10 a portion (big chunk) including USPS
Priority Mail to the continental US? That should cover shipping and travel
time to the post office etc.


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