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Re: [APD] Custom Sealife Ballast Replacement...help plz

ok all, I finally was prompted to make a move because the 4th of 4 
ballasts in my two CSL lights died.  I ordered two Fulham Workhorse 6 
ballasts and wired one of my lights up tonight.  I managed to get the 
rivots drilled and the clips screwed back in.  To my surprise, when I 
flipped the switch, the lights came on!  That was nice...it might be me, 
though, I think they're dimmer than before.  Is that possible?  They are 
two 65W CFLs.  I have no idea what the ballasts were before, but the 
workhorse 6 is 140W max.  I have no way of testing the old ballasts vs 
the new ones, either.  Any ideas?

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