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[APD] cypts gone, pearling galore.


For a long time I have had several crypt blassi that have been doing
not so great. I finally cut them all back and KABOOM! The whole tank
is bubbling like a champagne glass!

I had put the tank into a kind of suspended animation shutting off the
co2 and cutting down on light for a year while very busy with grad
school etc.  About a month ago I turned the light and co2 back on and
everything was doing OK but not like I remembered it.  I finally
decided he crypts could go and cut them all way back and literally
within hours the tank had changed 100%   I had made a lot of changes
the week before but really, within hours of cutting back the weak
crypts everything changed!

I think the crypts were going into meltdown and were leaching
allelopathic chemicals, inhibiting growth of other plants. It is truly

The crypts all had nice white roots nut the tops were going into melt
phase, probably from the big shifts in parameters.  The week before I
had done a lot of water changes and received new lights. I swithced
from 55W CF to T5s in about the same wattage.  I think the light
output is similar but the reflectors on the new setup are much better.
 I think there's a lot less restrike than the old awful JBJ lights.
The CO2 coming back on helped too.  I also started redosing PMDD.  I
have a little green water (UV cured that) and a lot of algae on the
glass right now but when the plants kick in we'll beat that.

I also had a lot of fun trading plants with some APD members!  Thanks
for the new plants guys!  Thanks to http://www.aquabotanic.com for the
great quality and reasoanly priced pants, exceeded expectations!


In not so sunny Northampton MA

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