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Re: [APD] Water hyacinth recedes in salty water


There was a study published by "Bonnie's Plants" (a pond and aquatic plant 
dealer) that was once (and may be still) available on the web that showed 
the the salt tolerances of many common pond plants. IIRC, all the floating 
plants were severely damaged by salt concentrations of 2% which might be 
used to treat goldfish, but most other plants were OK up to 3% salt.

Maybe a 2% salt treatment could help someone get rid of duckweed? (thinking 
of some other post I read recently)

Ann V

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> Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2005 08:26:44 +0530
> From: "drajitathale" <drajitathale at hclinfinet_com>
> Subject: [APD] Water hyacinth recedes in salty water
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> Just my obervation about water hyacinth-
> ---I was using slightly salty water of tube well in the earthen container
> of water hyacinth.
> Slowly, the size of the plant reduced and then after about a month,
> it got totally withered.
> --Recently, when I had gone to South Indian state of Kerala, there also I
> observed that water hyacinth flourished in river water
> and in places where salty sea water was entering, it disappeared.
> ajit
> India.

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