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Re: [APD] Soilmaster Pro Select - Charcoal

Vaughn Hopkins wrote:

>Obviously my links didn't survive a copy/paste sequence.  So, try this  
>Yes, I cross posted this.  I am enthusiastic, you know!
>Vaughn H.
>On Tuesday, November 15, 2005, at 04:37 PM, Vaughn Hopkins wrote:
>>My Soilmaster Charcoal arrived at the dealer today and I picked it up a
>>couple of hours ago.  To show off a bit, I took some pictures of a
>>sample of the stuff.  They are at:
>>The first photo, obviously, is the bag.
>>The second is a big handfull of the stuff as it comes out of the bag,
>>The third is with a couple of cups of water added and sloshed around to
>>clean it.  Notice it is dirty, without question.
>>The fourth is after three washings, and with more water added to show
>>the color.  Three washings was enough to get it clean, about what I am
>>used to with blasting grit.
>>The last shows the particle size and uniformity.  Notice that there is
>>some red colored material mixed in, less than 1% I would guess.
>>The actual color, wet, is pretty black, with sparkles of red.  I think
>>I am in love!!
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>Aquatic-Plants mailing list
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What's the web site you ordered from?
Aquatic-Plants mailing list
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